Best Personal Video Shopping Shopify apps in 2023

Personal Video Shopping apps allow sales associates to virtually assist customers with their online shopping experience through a one-on-one video chat. Sales associates can walk customers through the product catalog, answer questions, and even add products to the customers cart, these apps provide a truly personal touch to your Shopify store.

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Shopdog's Guide to Personal Video Shopping Shopify apps

There’s one thing that brick-and-mortar retailers do best, and that’s the personal shopping experience. As the world continues to move from the physical to the digital, online retailers are taking the next logical step: online personal stylists. 

From Nordstrom’s TextStyle, where customers can message and purchase directly from sales associates, to Amazon’s Echo-Look where a style-skilled Alexa is equipped with a camera to give individuals weather-based outfit suggestions, there’s no question that virtual stylists are the next stage of e-commerce evolution.

As a Shopify store owner, you might be wondering how you can add a personalized touch to your customer’s shopping experience without the scale of a large-retailer. Live shopping is one option, but streaming to the masses fails to provide the tailored experience many customers look for. There’s a new category of Shopify apps bringing that physical one-on-one experience into ecommerce with personal video shopping.

What are Personal Video Shopping Apps?

Personal Video Shopping apps allow virtual sales associates to assist customers with their online shopping experience.

Imagine this: A customer finds their way to your store’s website and starts browsing your catalogs. The client clicks through pages and pages of products and starts to feel overwhelmed by what seems like an endless scroll of choices. 

Suddenly, an invite for a one-on-one, video chat with a sales associate pops up, giving your potential customer the opportunity to speak directly to your team, who can assist their browsing experience and give them recommendations.

Personal Video Shopping App Example

Personal Video Shopping apps provide a solution to the often overwhelming and de-personalized experience of online shopping.

Enhance your online video shopping experience with personalized data

While sales associates in traditional retail stores are limited in their information of the potential client, video shopping apps can provide online sales associates with the customer’s buying/browsing history, spending habits, and size to help them make personalized recommendations during the call.

personal video shopping app breakdown
Give your online sales associates the insights they need to close the sale

Online sales associates can choose select-pieces of clothing to showcase during the call, and even offer a personal discount code to the customer in question. Or they can assist less tech-savvy shoppers with guided browsing and navigating the shopping cart and checkout. 

From start to finish, these apps allow online sales associates to combine the human quality of in-person shopping with the data-driven efficiency of e-commerce to provide clients with a customized shopping experience.