Best Color Swatches Shopify apps in 2023

Color Swatch Apps allow merchants to display color options for their products in a visually appealing way. These apps can be integrated with a merchant's store and allow them to create custom color swatches for their products, which can be displayed on the product page. Color Swatch Apps can be especially useful for merchants who sell products that are available in a variety of colors, as they can help customers to easily visualize and select the color they want. These apps can also help to improve the customer experience by making it easier for customers to find the color they are looking for and by providing more accurate color representations. Overall, Color Swatch Apps can be a valuable tool for merchants looking to improve the product descriptions and the shopping experience for their customers.

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Shopdog's Guide to Color Swatches Shopify apps

What are color swatches?

Color swatches allow you to display color variations of the same product. For example, if one of your products comes in three different colors, you would want to use color swatches to allow shoppers to switch and choose between the color variations on the product page.

Some apps allow you to display variants of a product, while other apps group separate products as variants on the product page. Depending on how you’d like to organize your products, look for an app with the organizational features you prefer.

What to look for in a color swatch app:

Custom Swatches

You may want to display your product color variant with two-tone color swatches and the ability to upload custom image swatches. Custom swatches allow you to customize your product options to best suit your offerings.

color swatch on shopify product page example

Option Styles

How would you like to display your swatches? Option styles can include button, dropdown, custom text, image upload, and more. If matching your swatches to your theme is important to you, look for an app with numerous option styles.

Conditional Logic

Look for an app that allows you to create rules that disable or enable options based on previous selections made by your customer. For example, if the Blue variation of your product in size Medium is out of stock, when the customer selects Medium, the Blue option should be disabled.

Unlimited Options

Although Shopify limits you to 3 options (e.g. size, color, style) and 100 variants, some apps allow you to extend beyond Shopify’s capabilities to showcase unlimited product options.

Image Gallery

Flexible image gallery options allow shoppers to view your product from multiple angles and distances. Look for an app that allows you to not only add multiple images to each variant of a product but showcase your images with an image slider/carousel and zoom features.

Swatches on Collection Pages

While some apps may only allow you to display color swatches on the product page, other apps allow you to add collection swatches and show variants on the collection page.

color swatches on collection page


Some apps price based on the Shopify plan you are subscribed to (shopify basic, advanced, and plus), whereas others price by additional features. For example, if you have a larger store, an app that prices based on features rather than size would be more cost effective since you aren’t paying more just because you have more products or higher-traffic.