Best 3D/AR Configurator Shopify apps in 2023

3D/AR Configurator apps allow you to create and display a 3D product visual for your customers to interact with. Customers can rotate, flip, zoom, and view your product from any angle, just like with the real product. Some apps also allow your customers to customize the product with photo realistic features or visualize how it would look in their space.

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Shopdog's Guide to 3D/AR Configurator Shopify apps

What are 3D/AR Configurators?

Customers often enjoy understanding the feel of products when shopping in-person. Factors such as color, material, and shape often impact a customer’s buying behavior. However, online product images can only tell so much about a product compared to physically interacting with it. 3D/AR Configurators Shopify Apps aim to merge this gap by creating realistic 3D models of products and allowing customers to interact with these models directly on product pages. 

3D/AR Configurator Shopify apps have a few primary use cases: 3D View, AR VIew (See it in your space), and Product Customization. 3D View enables customers to interact with products in a comprehensive way allowing them to zoom in and out and rotate products in any way they’d like.With an AR view, customers can view a product either in a mock virtual setting or superimposed within their own space to get a sense of scale. Product Customization empowers customers to create their own renditions of products through customizing specific features of the product to their own liking. For example, a customer may be looking to customize a pair of shoes through an online storefront, but wants to know the final look of the shoes. Rather than having to go in-store to see how the customized product would look like, they can view their product within the 3D/AR Configurator right on the product page. 

Experts have found that on average 3D/AR Configurators have led to a 40% increase in conversions compared to standard 2D product pictures. Additionally, the 3D/AR configurator market is projected to grow to $5.63 Billion by 2023.

Companies have been reaping the benefits of 3D/AR configurators as Audi’s launch of their 3D Configurator led to a 66% increase in customer engagement. Shopify’s new 3D modeling features creates a whole new suite of apps that store owners can leverage to create revolutionary shopping experiences.

What can it do for your bottom line?

Customers are always looking for fresh, new ways to interact with online products. 3D/AR Configurators are revolutionizing the way customers interact with products and experts have found that consumers who do interact with these configurators are 11 times more likely to purchase compared to other consumers.