Best Virtual Try-on Shopify apps in 2023

Virtual Reality (VR) apps allow customers to interact with online storefronts in a revolutionary manner. The advantage of in-person shopping has now been brought to online shopping as customers are able to virtually try on their favorite products all within the comfort of their homes.

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Shopdog's Guide to Virtual Try-on Shopify apps

What is virtual try-on/augmented reality shopping?

Engaging customers through VR and AR experiences by visualizing products in a 3d space and allowing customers to interact with these products encouraging shopping behavior. Through a virtual visualization, customers are able to understand the dimensions, look, and structure of a product without actually buying the product. For example, a new home owner may be looking to buy furniture but is inexperienced in creating furniture layout. Rather than hiring an interior decorator, the customer can visualize their furniture layout within augmented reality understanding how furniture would fit into their space. Experts say by 2023, VR/AR try-on will become synonymous with online shopping as the pandemic has created a 43% uptick in e-commerce sales since 2020. The total market valuation of the AR market is expected to become a $50 Billion industry by 2024. 

Big box retailers like Sephora just introduced AR makeup try-ons with their app and Snapchat started rolling out sponsored AR clothing ads. With Shopify’s new 3D modeling features, there’s a new suite of apps to help brands on Shopify create cutting edge AR shopping experiences.

With currently less than 1% of e-commerce platforms offering VR/AR try-on shopping capabilities, this is a perfect opportunity to become a first-mover within the e-commerce space through the implementation of VR/AR try-on shopping.

What can it do for your bottom line?

With over 100 million users utilizing VR/AR to shop in just 2020 the shift towards VR/AR try-on shopping will be huge over the next few years. Since implementing their Virtual Artist, Sephora reported over 8.5 million visits on the feature. Users will be able to shop on your storefront in an interactive manner encouraging buying behavior.