Best SEO Shopify apps in 2023

SEO Apps are tools that help merchants optimize their store and products for search engines, improving the visibility and ranking of their store in search results. These apps offer features such as keyword analysis, on-page optimization, and integration with popular SEO tools. With SEO Apps, merchants can easily identify and address SEO issues on their store, helping to drive more traffic and sales from search engines. Some SEO Apps also offer features such as automatic sitemap generation and support for multiple languages, making it easier for merchants to optimize their store for a global audience. By using SEO Apps, merchants can improve their store's visibility and ranking in search results and drive more traffic and sales.

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Shopdog's Guide to SEO Shopify apps

Make sure your Shopify store ranks well in Google and other search engines using an SEO optimization app. The most important factors in your store's SEO ranking is your metadata, image optimization and tagging, page speed.

Look for SEO apps that will compress images to improve load times (which makes Google happy), as well as the ability to edit your pages meta data and keywords in bulk which saves a TON. of time. Some apps also allow the ability to handle any 404 errors or page redirects if you happen to change URLs for any of your product pages, collections etc.