Best Quiz Builder Shopify apps in 2023

Product quizzes are an increasingly popular tool used by e-commerce merchants to personalize the customer experience and boost sales. Shopify quiz builders allow you to create product recommendation quiz experiences embedded directly into your Shopify store. Aside from helping customers find the right products for their needs quiz apps are the best way to collect valuable demographic information to help segment your email marketing and ad targeting. Quiz builders can also allow you to create personalized product and bundle recommendations that will increase your average order value.

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Shopdog's Guide to Quiz Builder Shopify apps

Quiz builder Shopify apps are a great way to engage with your customers and learn more about them. They can also be used to increase sales by up to 40%. In this guide, we'll explain how these apps work, take a look, and showcase some examples of what a successful quiz implementation looks like. We will also provide a feature breakdown and use case examples so that you can decide which quiz app is right for you.

What are Shopify quiz apps?

Quiz apps generally integrate directly with Shopify and allow you to create seamless quiz experiences on your online store. You'll be able to create a custom set of questions and use a specific logic to create the question flow and corresponding quiz results

The most common type of e-commerce quiz is the product recommendation quiz. These quizes are perfect for brands with large catalogs or products that require a bit of education to help customers make a purchase decision.

How can quiz apps drive more sales?

There are a few ways quiz apps can help to drive more sales. Firstly, they can be used to collect useful customer demographic information to segment your customers and target them with specific offers. Secondly, quiz apps can be used to create a sense of urgency and encourage people to buy now. Finally, quiz apps can help educate your customers and recommend the exact products they need based on what they're looking for.

What are quiz apps used for?

Now that we've looked at how quiz apps can help to increase sales, let's take a look at some more concrete use cases:

- Customer Segmentation: Use quiz apps to collect customer information such as age, gender, location, and interests. This data can then be used to send targeted offers and create custom audiences for more effective marketing.

- Urgency and Scarcity: Use quiz apps to create a sense of urgency around your products or services. For example, you could offer a quiz-based discount that expires after 24 hours.

- Education and Recommendations: Use quiz apps to educate your customers about your products or services. For example, you could create a quiz about skincare products and then recommend the perfect products for each customer based on their answers.

Quiz app features

Now that we've looked at some quiz app use cases, let's take a look at some of the features you'll need to consider when choosing a quiz app:

  • Product Feed Integration: Some quiz apps that offer product feed integration are able to send quiz results directly to your Shopify store. This means that you can add quiz-based recommendations to your existing product pages and create a seamless customer experience.
  • Engagement Metrics:  It's important to track quiz performance and customer engagement metrics such as quiz completion rate, time spent on quiz, and number of quiz attempts. These metrics will help you to optimize your quiz for better results.
  • Conversion Metrics:  In addition to engagement metrics, it's also important to track quiz conversion metrics such as quiz-attributed purchases and total revenue generated. These metrics will help you to gauge the effectiveness of your quiz in driving sales.
  • Quiz Results Page: The quiz results page is where quiz takers can see their quiz results and recommended products or services. This page should be designed to encourage quiz takers to take action on their recommendations.
  • Logic Branching:  Logic branching is the ability to create different quiz paths based on customer answers. This feature is important for creating a personalized quiz experience and ensuring that quiz takers see relevant recommendations.
  • Custom CSS:  Customize the quiz experience with your brand's colors, logo, and voice. This feature is important for creating a seamless and on-brand customer experience.
  • Email Marketing Integration:  Some quiz apps offer email marketing integration, which allows you to send quiz results and recommendations directly to your customers' inboxes via your preferred email marketing platform like Klaviyo or Omnisend.
  • Question Types:  There are a few different question types that you can use in your quiz, including multiple choice, true or false, open-ended questions, and questions featuring images.
  • Quiz Pop-up:  The quiz pop-up is a quiz that appears as a pop-up on your website. This quiz type is effective for driving quiz completion rates and ensuring that quiz takers see relevant recommendations.
  • Personalization:  Personalize the quiz experience for each quiz taker by using their name, location, or other customer data if the customer has visited your store before.