Best NFT Shopify apps in 2023

NFTs, or Non-fungible tokens, are a controversial topic, but no one can deny that they're blowing up in popularity. NFTs have many potential applications for e-commerce stores, including creating scarcity around products, establishing provenance, and creating collectibles. NFT apps can help you generate digital assets that represent your brand and allow you to sell them alongside physical products. You can use these unique digital tokens to drive loyalty by giving your NFT holders access to exclusive drops, events, or store access.

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Shopdog's Guide to NFT Shopify apps


What are Shopify NFT apps?

Shopify NFT apps typically include features such as creating and managing NFTs, setting different prices for different NFTs, creating minting and burning options, providing a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs and more. 

Shopify NFT apps allow you to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology, such as the ability to verify ownership and provenance of the NFTs. Overall, NFT apps can provide a new way for merchants to sell and monetize their digital assets and for collectors to own a unique piece of digital art.

How can Shopify NFT apps drive more sales?

There are several ways that Shopify NFT apps can drive more sales. One way is by offering unique and limited-edition products that appeal to collectors and enthusiasts. For example, an artist could use an NFT app to sell a limited-edition series of digital art pieces, each with a unique token that proves its authenticity. This would create a sense of scarcity and exclusivity that would drive demand and increase sales.

Another way that Shopify NFT apps can drive more sales is by offering a seamless and user-friendly buying experience. This includes making the process of purchasing an NFT as simple and straightforward as possible, as well as providing detailed information about the product and its provenance. Shopify NFT apps offering a variety of payment options such as crypto-currencies can also increase sales by making it easy for customers to buy with the method they prefer.

Overall, Shopify NFT apps can provide a new way for merchants to sell and monetize their digital assets and for collectors to own a unique piece of digital art.

What are Shopify NFT apps used for?

  • Selling unique and limited-edition digital assets, such as digital art, music, videos, and collectibles.
  • Creating and managing an NFT marketplace where artists, creators, and collectors can buy and sell NFTs.
  • Authenticating and verifying ownership of digital assets using NFTs.
  • Building and maintaining a community of buyers and sellers around the brand.
  • Providing a user-friendly buying experience for customers by making it easy to purchase NFTs with various payment options including crypto-currencies
  • Providing detailed information about NFTs, including their provenance, rarity, and history.
  • Implementing smart contract based escrow services for NFT transactions.
  • Creating virtual worlds or gaming experiences where NFTs can be used as in-game assets
  • Creating tokenized in-game items, items that can be owned, traded and collected by players.
  • Creating and managing loyalty programs using NFTs.