Best Wholesale Shopify apps in 2023

Wholesale Apps are tools designed to help merchants manage and grow their wholesale business on the Shopify platform. These apps offer features such as wholesale pricing, custom catalogs, and order management, making it easier for merchants to sell their products to other businesses. Some Wholesale Apps also offer integrations with popular wholesale marketplaces and tools, making it easier for merchants to reach new customers and streamline their wholesale operations. With the right Wholesale app you can build gated bulk discounts, tiered/volume pricing, advanced shipping rules, and offer customers flexible payment options. By using Wholesale Apps, merchants can efficiently manage and grow their wholesale business on the Shopify platform.

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Shopdog's Guide to Wholesale Shopify apps

If you're a brand on Shopify looking for the quickest and easiest way to implement a gated wholesale section to your store, you're going to need a good wholesale app (assuming you're not on Shopify Plus — then you can use their native wholesale channel feature).

The best wholesale apps allow you to create a completely unique b2b experience for your wholesale customers, including a gated login, custom pricing (down the variant level), volume discounting, easy bulk ordering, and flexible payment & shipping rates.

We've curated the top rated wholesale apps below and chosen our top pick for the best app below.