Best Product Tabs Shopify apps in 2023

Product Tabs Apps allow merchants to add custom tabs to their product pages in order to display additional information or media. These tabs can be used to provide customers with more detailed product descriptions, specifications, size charts, reviews, and more. Product Tabs Apps can be integrated with a merchant's store and allow them to easily create and customize tabs for their products. These apps can be a valuable tool for merchants looking to provide more detailed product information and improve the customer experience on their website. They can also be a useful way for merchants to showcase additional features or benefits of their products, which can help to increase sales and conversions.

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Shopdog's Guide to Product Tabs Shopify apps

What are product tabs?

Product tabs are great for consolidating important product information onto your Shopify product page without extending page length. You might want to put product descriptons, FAQs, sizing charts, or reviews into tabs on your product pages for example.

Some product tab apps let you put static information across all your products, while others drill down and let you put specific information for a single product or group of products. For example, if you have shipping info that only applies to one category of your products, you could input that information once and apply it across an entire collection.

That being said, if you need really custom information associated with each product, a more robust Metafield Manager app and developer implementation may be what you need.

What to look for in a product tab app:

- Visual Style: Accordian or tabs? Unfortunately, many of the best apps may not be the most high-design in their implementation. If matching your theme seamlessly is important to you, we would suggest opting for the app with the simplest tab layout and customizing it yourself with CSS code.
- Ability to edit tab info at the product or variant level: Some apps just provide static tabs with information that will show up on every product page. If you need the tab information to be specific to different products, editing each tab info may be incredible manual. For better bulk-editing capabilities, we'd recommend a Metafields Manager app and a developer to implement.
- Variant-specific product descriptions: Some apps offer the ability to switch your product description based on the variant selected. For example if you have multiple flavors of one product and you want the description to change when people switch between variants, the Product Description Tabs & FAQ app is great.
- Mobile optimization: Make sure the app you use is responsive and looks good on mobile (i.e. it'll stack under your main product section)
- Installation support: These apps require specific code to be inserted into your product pages, and because all themes are different, this can quite tricky. Look for solid implementation support in the reviews for the most helpful app developers.