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How do I tag orders in Shopify if they haven't been fulfilled after a certain amount of time?

June 30, 2022

I want to tag my Shopify orders with a specific tag if their status hasn't changed to fulfilled after 4 days. That way the order will be flagged in Gorgias (my customer service app) and my CS reps can reach out to those customers personally and give them a heads up that their order is going to be delayed.

Expert Answer

So there's a few good auto-tagging apps for Shopify that will tag orders based on different criteria (e.g. is international, customer is in a specific state, etc) but actually for your specific use case the only one we know of that let's you delay the tagging of an app after a set period of time: it's the Auto Tags - All in one tagging.

Here's what an example setup would be:

how to create auto-tagging rules in Shopify

You can check out the app here: